March 16th, 2010

Follow Along with Your Colleagues at the ACC, Day 3

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Several Fellows in Cardiology who are attending this week’s ACC meeting are blogging together right here. The Fellows include Shane LaRue, Justin Bachmann, Nihar Desai, Shanti Bansal, and Hansie Mathelier. Check back often to learn about the biggest buzz at the ACC — whether it’s a poster, a presentation, or the word in the hallways.

Hansie Mathelier
3/16  7:05 p.m.

The day started a little later, secondary to having to check out of my hotel. I stayed at a middle scale hotel chain, but I think the fact that it is 100 less a night than their local competitors shows… Next time I am in ATL I might stay in Buckhead.

Off to the conference where the number of people present is noticeably less compared to the days prior. Started the day with a presentation from surgeons. The discussion got heated over the STITCH trial. Also the sole cardiologist talked about how perhaps there should VAD centers. Snuck over to hear Topol talk about personalized medicine but missed the last 10 min b/c over txting with a cofellow I heard that there were raised voices between two prominent surgeons. I am a sucker for a good academic fight.

Lunch time was a good discussion about diabetes and heart failure. Favorite part was a cardiologist from the audience who encouraged talking to the patient as the number one factor in patient outcomes. He challenged anyone in the audience if they were able to modify their patient profile as he did.

…currently on the plane waiting for the door to close….

Nihar Desai
3/16  2:34 p.m.

Dear all,
What a meeting! I am in a cab headed to the airport, just collecting my thoughts and putting together my reflections on ACC 2010….

Overall, I would say I am both exhausted and reinvigorated, tired after busy, long days, but inspired after seeing so much great science, spending time with collaborators and “non-institutional” mentors, and catching up with friends.

Safe travels and all best.

Shane LaRue
3/16  11:52 a.m.

Justin — I am with you on the smoking ban.  Last summer I moved from a place with a ban (Madison) to one where the ban becomes effective next year (St. Louis). I  am still caught off guard every time people are smoking in bars.

This reminds me, the thing I’ve found most annoying at the meeting is the disclosure ‘flash’.  We all understand the role industry plays in funding studies and our education.  But, if I am going to give you 12 to 30 minutes of my attn, I would like to be able to read who funds your research and pays you to speak.

As for accommodations, I am staying at a lower end chain hotel by Turner Field ( spent all of my conference $ for the year going to TCT, so I’m on my own dime – cue th eviolins). So, as I was checking in, the woman behind the counter was showing the other the crack pipe found in a room the night before. Awesome.

Currently in a session reviewing antiplt therapy and pci.  Interested to see where prasugrel and ticagrelor will go. Also, are people feeling better about using PPIs and clopidogrel?

A final nice touch by the organizers — $10 to check your bag here at the conference and they will get it to your plane. Odds on my bag being in St Louis when I get there?

Safe travels all.

Justin Bachmann
3/16  11:02 a.m.

Well, I’m worn out.  I went to the afternoon General Cardiology session and heard a nice talk on preop risk stratification. Then it was over to the exhibit hall to try out some of the portable briefcase-like echo machines. They are incredibly handy. I suspect they will be the wave of the future.  It would be nice to have one sitting around Parkland. I could carry it around on rounds and have real-time data.

Then I was off to the convocation, which was a nice ceremony, and some ACC social events up on the suite level of the Marriott. After that an Irish bar with my cofellows and faculty at UT-Southwestern. I reek of cigarettes. It makes me miss the public smoking ban back in Dallas.

Speaking of which, I just returned to the W hotel to find that they burned some sort of incense mixture in my room. I’m sneezing like crazy. The place is like an MC Escher drawing. I keep finding light switches in strange places. I’ll flip one and all of the sudden a metal sculpture on the wall will light up. It would probably take me a good three or four days to figure this place out. Where are the rest of you staying? Are you happy with your lodgings? When I show up to the conference tomorrow smelling like a sandalwood tree, now you know why.

Hansie Mathelier
3/16  12:14 a.m.

My Top Ten Events of the Day (not as creative as “Letterman”)
10. When I go a lecture/spotlight, the ability to sit is key.
9. Before buying coffee or food, scope out multiple venues. My “soup in a pot” was 10x better than my random turkey sandwich
8. Realizing perhaps 10 creative thoughts are ambitious
7. While walking in the exhibit hall trying to make my way to “Heart Songs 3” … being tempted to do the Bruce protocol or checking my cholesterol.
6. Realizing that the South can get as cold as the North. Wondering in the back of your mind if you brought the weather with you.
5. Figuring out what you want to further investigate when you go home….
4. Running into colleagues, friendly faces, and old friends among 10,000 people
3.Trying to figure out how many sessions you can cram into tomorrow before returning to reality.
2. To see a co-chair of a session correct a speaker’s recommendation in order to prevent dissemination of wrong info…. It was awesome!!! Makes you realize why they have co-chairs.
1. My brain hurts from all the education and loving it!!

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